Office Space Spotlight: CEK RN Consulting, Inc.

With nearly 150 businesses renting Anderson Group office spaces in the Capital Region, we’re fortunate to witness many success stories firsthand. We are constantly inspired by the people who come through our doors, and this month we’re focusing a spotlight on CEK RN Consulting, Inc.

Coretta Killikelly started the business to help people get healthy and better understand their healthcare treatments. We got to meet her because she utilizes the business amenities & offerings at our 125 Wolf Road office building in Colonie. Over the last few years she’s rented a conference room at least once a week to meet with her clients in-person and deliver live webinars.

logo of CEK RN Consulting, a company that rents conference rooms from the Anderson Group.

We asked Coretta 5 questions about her business:

When did your business get started and why?

I started the business in 2017 because there was a gap in the services offered to patients in the Capital Region. Navigating the healthcare system can be extremely challenging so we help patients find their way and feel more comfortable. I was consistently getting questions from friends & family members about their health shortly after they had appointments, and it showed that there was a missing element. I wanted to empower people to feel some level of control over their health.  

What is unique about your business?

While many healthcare institutions offer patient advocates, they ultimately work for that institution rather than the patient. At CEK, we are truly patient first and recently became a 501(c)(3) organization. We help people realize that appointments are theirs, and not the doctors. It’s their time and we help them utilize it so that they can get the best care.

What types of care packages does CEK RN Consulting offer?

We try to offer services which will accommodate the various needs of all those who need help with the healthcare system. We can help in person or via phone/video and we’ll do everything from making sure you have the right questions to ask at your next appointment, to meeting you at discharge, and helping you get home. Our team will go wherever our patients need us in Albany, Troy, Schenectady, Saratoga, and beyond.

You can get our support with:    

Short-term Packages: Best for if you or a loved one has a one-time key event or surgery to work through.

Long-term Packages: If you or a loved one has recurring healthcare needs.

Hourly Rates: For one specific event such as a discharge.

How have you expanded your business?

We have grown our business by expanding our service offerings continuously. We also have a relationship with Alliance for Better health which sends us cases we can help support. Bryant & Stratton has been a wonderful resource for us to find great interns who are passionate about helping people as well.

It’s been wonderful to have the flexible options to rent conference rooms at the Anderson Group as we’ve grown. For clients that want to meet in person it’s been a great option and I look forward to expanding into our own office space.

What’s next for your business?

We want to continue to expand and grow our business in the Capital Region while offering a more complete set of services. We have plans to add nutrition, social work, a 24-hour nurse-line, and more in years to come. The healthcare system is only becoming more challenging to navigate and we strive to be there to provide comfort for our patients.

At the Anderson Group, we love seeing businesses utilize our office spaces, conference rooms, and business amenities to provide exceptional professional services. This certainly is the case when referring to Coretta and the growing team at CEK RN Consulting, Inc. If you need help supporting the health of yourself or a loved one in the Capital Region, reach out to their team today.

Need to rent office spaces or conference rooms in Albany or Colonie? We have flexible office space options available for businesses of all sizes. We also offer the ability for you to rent our conference rooms for a full or half day, as well as by the hour. Contact us today.


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