Office Space Halloween Decorations: 5 DIY Crafts

Get in the Halloween spirit by bringing this exciting holiday to work this fall. Whether you want to spook your coworkers or just have a good laugh, these easy Halloween decorations are perfect for your office workspace.

1. Giant Yarn Spider Web

Spider webs are a traditional and easy way to decorate any workplace. Spice this web up by ditching the old cotton spider webs and switching to yarn instead. All you need is some yarn, tape, and a pair of scissors. Choose any yarn color you see fit, but consider the staple orange, black, grey and purple Halloween colors. First, make an X on the wall with equal strands of yarn and hold them up with tape. Next, make a vertical line through the X and continuously make these lines until the web seems complete. Lastly, make rings on the web and tie the strings together to hold it up. Feel free to add a little plastic spiders to the web to complete the whole look. This is a great addition for any holiday office space décor!

2. Balloon Pumpkins

This Halloween decoration is easy, fun, and perfect for the whole office to enjoy. First, fill orange and black balloons with your favorite Halloween candy and inflate the balloons. The candy weighs down the balloons just enough to sit on desks without floating away. Draw on your balloon to make it cute or scary, the choice is yours. When you’re ready, pop your balloon and enjoy all the treats inside!

3. Glass Jar Lights

Upcycle some old glass jars to create beautiful, simple Halloween lights. You will need some battery powered lights, paint, and markers. Paint a white ghost or orange jack-o-lantern on your jar, or anything else you see fit. Once your painting is complete, simply insert the lights into the jar, turn them on, and watch your office or executive suite light up.

4. Pumpkin Door Decorations

Make your office space doors a little spooky with this easy DIY Halloween decoration. Before you start, grab some orange tissue paper, black construction paper, scissors, and masking tape. Cover the entire door with the orange tissue paper. The paper does not need to be positioned in any specific way, in fact, the messier the better! Next, cut out some triangular eyes, nose, and sharp jagged teeth from the black construction paper and tape it over the tissue paper to resemble a spooky face. Start a competition with your coworkers to see who can decorate the best door for some office space fun!

5. Cheesecloth Ghosts

To make these little floating creatures all you need are small Styrofoam mannequin heads, cheesecloth, watered down glue, screw eyes, and string/yarn. Drape a piece of cheesecloth over the Styrofoam head and paint the glue on top. Insert the screw eye onto the top of the head and tie the string to it for easy hanging. If you don’t have a cheesecloth, try an old kitchen towel.

These ghoulish decorations are perfect for any office space. Keep the Halloween spirit alive with these easy DIY crafts sure and see who has the best office space decorations at your company!


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