Tenant Spotlight: Beestera Soccer Training

Dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of the Capital Region’s business community, at the Anderson Group, we take great pride in providing ideal office spaces for any company. We are delighted to introduce Beestera Soccer Training, recently voted the #1 Nike Soccer Camp, as one of the newest members of our community. They have now made a significant move into our 125 Wolf Road building in Colonie, NY.

Established in 2015 in Albany, NY, Beestera Soccer Training specializes in providing private training sessions, club development sessions, camps, and more, with a focus addressing the unique needs of every player, ultimately maximizing their potential. In a recent interview with James Beeston, co-founder and Head of Supplemental Training at BST, we gained distinctive insights into the business and discovered exciting details about the soccer training company’s expansion plans.


When did you start/join your business and why?

In 2015, Mike Matera and I [James Beeston] founded Beestera Soccer Training with a vision to change player development. Recognizing the limitations of impacting every individual player’s growth within a team setting, we started a journey to provide a more personalized and targeted approach. 

Our initial focus was on private sessions, designed to address the specific wants and needs of each player. By tailoring our training to the unique requirements of individuals, we aimed to maximize their potential. This commitment to personalized coaching quickly gained traction through word of mouth.

What types of services does your business offer?

We offer a wide range of ‘in-person’ services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our players. Our list of services includes: Private Training Sessions (1:1/small groups), Day Camps, Residential Camps, Goalkeeping Sessions, Futsal Training, Club Development Sessions, Specialized Classes. We also started the Beestera Foundation – a nonprofit initiative that provides local youth sport organizations with equipment, coaching education, and operational support in underserved communities.

What is unique about your business?

I think our origin story is unique – the narrative of three friends from college with a deep passion for the sport, starting and nurturing something locally, and being able to create something that resonates with players and families is important to us. It showcases the personal touch and authenticity that defines Beestera Soccer Training. Now, as we embark on the exciting journey of expanding nationally, hopefully our story becomes even more compelling.

How have you expanded or grown your business?

Over the years, we have undergone significant expansion, evolving from our roots in 1:1/small group sessions to diversified services that cater to various aspects of player development. Driven organically through the power of word of mouth, the positive experiences by players in our programs have naturally led to recommendations within the 518 soccer community. We have also formed a strategic partnership with Nike Soccer Camps. This collaboration has allowed us to extend our reach beyond our initial geographic location, expanding into various states on the East Coast.

What’s next for your business?

We have ambitious plans and a commitment to expanding our influence on a national scale. As stated above, we hope to grow our in-person services nationally, mainly through our camps. We are in the process of developing an online platform that will cater to players, coaches, and parents, all with an eye on the 2026 World Cup that is being hosted in North America. In addition to our national expansion plans, we remain firmly committed to continuing our growth within the local community. We recognize the importance of nurturing and strengthening our connections close to home.

Why did you choose an Anderson Office?

We chose an Anderson Office due to its size, cleanliness, and proximity to the locations where we conduct in-person sessions. The office (and building itself) contribute to a professional and efficient workspace.

It’s an honor to have Beestera Soccer Training select our office space for their business growth. As we witness BST’s journey unfold, we eagerly anticipate playing a continued role in supporting their expansion plans at both the local and national levels.

If you’re seeking the perfect office space for your business in Albany, Guilderland or Colonie, contact us today! We have flexible office space options available for small & large businesses.

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