Going Green: Easy Ways to Reduce Your Office Waste

From using metal straws to reusable grocery bags, consumers all over the world are going greener. Until recently, you may not have paid much attention to your waste, but it is now more important than ever, especially in office spaces.

At The Anderson Group, some businesses in our buildings have begun their own waste-reducing initiatives. Bridget Ball Shaw of Pinnacle Investments not only plans for the betterment of people’s financial futures, but she also aims to make the world a better place through waste reduction. She has shared a couple of easy ways our executive suites and office spaces can reduce waste production:

1. Reduce, reduce, reduce

Most office spaces have multiple trash cans. Many might get a few wrappers or papers thrown in them per day. Regardless of how little you throw away, maintenance will still replace the entire trash bag, producing a lot of excess plastic waste. Instead, try using just one or two communal trash cans in a central location. Having fewer garbage cans encourages physical activity, so this change is healthier for the planet and for you!

Pinnacle Investments was able to reduce their plastic waste by 80% from simply using one garbage can instead of five!

A quote about waste-reduction from Bridget Ball Shaw

2. Use metal silverware

Instead of using plastic utensils and paper plates, have everyone in the office bring in a couple of old dishes and utensils that can be washed and reused the next day.

Silverware inside a drawer

3. Think before you print

Use your printer wisely! Set your default settings to print on both sides of the paper (you can always un-check this option if necessary). Additionally, try to only print papers when it is absolutely essential and use electronic means as an alternative (ex. Forwarding emails instead of printing, signing up for paperless billing, etc.).

Tall stacks of printer paper

4. Reuse and refill

If just one person switches to using a re-fillable water bottle, 217 plastic water bottles will be saved from going to a landfill that year. Purchasing a reusable bottle (and encouraging your co-workers to as well) is a very easy and effective way to reduce plastic waste. If your office building does not have a water filling station, invest in an office-wide Britta filter!

Reusable water bottles on a table

Just making a few of these changes can create a huge environmental impact. If your business attempts any of these waste-reduction methods or if you have other ways that your office stays green, comment on this blog post!

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