Office Trends We’re Excited About for 2020

As we ring in the New Year and welcome back the “20s,” we’re excited to see that small & medium-sized businesses (SMB) are growing and thriving.

Here are 3 SMB growth trends we’re excited about for the new decade & beyond:

1. Small Businesses are outgrowing their offices and finding great upgrade options available.

Whether they are coming from co-working facilities or just outgrowing their current office space, business owners are finding a variety of alternative office choices to suit their growth & future needs.

Companies like Broad Street in NYC are investing heavily on upgrading buildings to cater to the SMBs who are growing but might not yet need thousands of square feet.  At The Anderson Group, we also just recently invested $2M on our building at 125 Wolf Road to make renovations and add numerous shared features for our tenants – including brand new common areas, new building security, a café, and amenities like an on-site bank (M&T Bank) and ATM, free parking, on-site notary, building receptionist, picnic area, and more!

2. Growing businesses are valuing personal relationships & attention for their office needs more than ever before.

As businesses are forced to continually evolve to keep up with today’s personalized marketplace, they are starting to find even more value in working with other businesses who emphasize service and treat their tenants like family.

We understand that tenants can’t always afford attorneys and architects or sign a 10-year deal. When you lease with The Anderson Group, we are laser-focused on business needs; we deal with every part of office space planning, from electrical plans to interior design support – meaning you won’t need to hire architects or any outside contractors. Our goal is to make you successful and grow.

3. Business Owners are expanding options while simplifying terms.

Many realtors are providing more concise leases. For example, Broad Street Realty (New York, NY) reduced their “regular” 60-page lease to 12 pages. Our flexible executive suite leases are just 4 pages long (for under 1,000 sq ft) and they are as short as 90 days. In fact, we have many tenants who have been with us for 30+ years like Attorney Stephen Commins, Lynn Associates, and Curtis Electrolysis, many of them on short-term leases!


For more than 40 years, The Anderson Group has been helping tenants find their perfect office space – and time and time again we see businesses move to executive suites or self-contained spaces after outgrowing their co-working office. Whether you need more private space for your employees or simply want access to more shared amenities, we have offices ranging from 250-65,000 sq ft to accommodate all businesses.

If your business is looking to relocate or resize, trust The Anderson Group to find your new home.

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