Tenant Spotlight: Ace Home Inspections

At the Anderson Group, we specialize in tailoring office spaces to suit businesses’ unique needs, fostering their growth every step of the way. We love witnessing our tenants thrive and being part of their growth journeys – from customizing office layouts to accommodating evolving requirements by providing larger spaces as companies expand.

We’re thrilled to shine a spotlight on Ace Home Inspections, the premier destination for comprehensive home inspections in New York’s Capital Region.  After spending years in other Anderson office spaces, the Ace team has found their new work home in our 110 Wolf Road building in Colonie, NY. In a recent interview with co-owner and inspector Matt Stonesifer, we gained some insights into the Ace Home Inspections business and learned that Matt and his wife Sarah (co-owner & operations manager) truly love being a member of the capital district community and pride themselves on being a valuable asset.


When did you start/join your business and why?

Ace Home Inspections was founded in 2008. We [Sarah and Matt Stonesifer] joined the Ace team in 2019. After moving up through management, we purchased the company in 2023.

What types of services does your business offer?

We offer all your inspection services for real estate transactions. This includes home, septic, sewer, well, pool, chimney, radon, mold and indoor air quality inspections.

What is unique about your business?

We are the original NYS Capital District one stop shop for home inspection services. Not only do we provide premier service during the home buying process, but we also provide services post-inspection to facilitate a smooth home ownership transition. We also have a full office staff to ensure we can provide peak availability for all questions and concerns.

How have you expanded or grown your business?

We have grown our business over 50% since purchasing it in 2023. We have added staff and, in addition to myself and my wife, we now have 3 full time home inspectors, a full time septic inspector and a full time marketing team.

What’s next for your business?

We are hoping to increase our marketshare within the greater capital district. We are also developing some services outside of the real estate transaction to make home ownership an easier and less stressful experience.

Why did you choose an Anderson Office?

We looked into many office locations when we first moved to a brick and mortar location and Anderson offered the best services in an excellent location. They also provide the ability to facilitate larger locations as we grow, we are currently in our third Anderson office space.

We’ve loved witnessing Sarah and Matt’s incredible growth since they purchased the business last year. Ace Home Inspections has been a fantastic tenant for many years and we are excited to continue to play a role in their future plans. If you have any questions about your home, or the inspection process, don’t hesitate to reach out to the amazing Ace team.

If you’re seeking the perfect office space for your business in Albany, Guilderland or Colonie, contact us today! We have flexible office space options available for small & large businesses.

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