The health of your business is the heart of our business. For more than 50 years, The Anderson Group has provided trusted, respected office and executive suite leasing to Albany businesses.

Beyond simply renting you a space, we’ve developed expertise in office space efficiency, productivity and profitability, so we’ll work with you to create a work community that serves you best, now and into the future.

We’re happy to lease directly or through a broker. Rest assured that we offer competitive commissions for brokered leases—as well as flexible, optimized costs for all of our tenants.

A Family Welcome

Each of our partners is a member of the Anderson family—and each of them is working in the business every day. In fact, whether you’re just starting your office search or you’ve been our tenant for years, you’ll speak directly with one of our partners for nearly all your needs.

Andy, Susan and Greg have the ability to make decisions right away—and ensure that the follow-up is thorough and as promised. Just ask for what you need. We don’t say “no” often.

Meet Our Team