10 Easy Ways to Become a Better Office Mate

For those who spend a significant amount of time at the office, we all know it’s important who you share it with. Whether you’re in an Anderson Office or Executive Suite, or any other great office space, here’s 10 simple things to do that make you a better officemate:

1: Clean up after yourself.
Even if your office comes with housekeeping services, make sure to keep your surroundings neat. Grab a desk organizer, make sure to clean your dishes after using them, and put office supplies back after using them.

2. Restore supplies and notify appropriate people.
See that printer ink’s running out? Don’t leave it for someone else to deal with! Take initiative by sending a message to the responsible party.

3. Use your inside voice, unless everyone within shouting distance is in the same situation you are.
If you work in an open concept space, make sure to keep your voice down. Jane from HR doesn’t need to hear you shouting about your happy hour plans.

4. Use proper hygiene.
Did you hit the gym this morning? Good for you! Just make sure to take a quick body shower before heading into the office.

5. Encourage your visitors to be just like you.
The best way to get your co-workers to be on their best behavior, is to be on yours.

6. If it snows, be ready to help co-workers. 
Not everyone in your office is prepared with a snowbrush or jumper cables. If you are, make sure to jump in and help when the time is right.

7. Be understanding to a point.
Everyone makes mistakes, make sure not to jump down someone’s throat for forgetting to rinse out a glass.

8. Communicate in an appropriate way when asking for reform.
Positive reinforcement can go along way. Make sure to ask nicely when suggesting change in the workplace.

9. Don’t take people’s food without asking.
We hate that this is on here… but com’n… you know it happens every day.

10. Don’t leave your groceries or leftovers without having a plan to get them out before they expire.
Make sure check the fridge before leaving work to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. If you see an expired item, ask the owner if they mind if you toss it for them.


As people come back to the office, make sure you’re practicing proper office etiquette! Your coworkers will thank you!

Check out our new home offices video to learn more about what it means to be a great co-worker!

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